2d6 Organised Games day!

2d6 Organised Games day!

Dave Gard

On November 24, 2d6 Games held a couple of organised game events, with two simultaneous games of Twilight Imperium 4th edition going at the same time, followed by Tapestry. The games were hosted at Ares MMA (https://www.facebook.com/AresMixedMartialArts) in what was a fantastic space for the 10 guys playing, with Blair and Scott winning their respective games. The follow up Tapestry game was a hard slog, and a few players playing their first game. The day was carried by Troy, with a convincing victory as the Chosen. 

TI game 2

TI Game one

Then, into the evening it was the ladies turn, with 3 table going simultaneously playing Everdell, Western Legends and Disney Villainous. Winners on the night were Naomi, Miriam and Kate, but everyone was a a winner for the amount of fun had. 

Thanks to Jamie from Ares, and Dan and Fabiana for hosting the events, and all our participants. Cant wait for the next games day!

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