Supporting Local Game Developers, Families and Bush Fire charities at the same time!

Supporting Local Game Developers, Families and Bush Fire charities at the same time!

Dave Gard

As we enter 2020, Dan and I have been reflecting on what we have achieved with 2d6 Games so far since our soft launch in August. We had a pretty busy Christmas season, with plenty or orders keeping us busy, in between holidays with our families and playing as many new games as we could get our hands on. 

But, we were really proud of the way we have been able to stick to our core principles of playing games with our friends and families, sharing our passion for games, and facilitating screen free time for kids and families. And best of all, we have had the opportunity to support Australian developers, and creators too!

Recently, we launched our Local Games collection, where we showcase games created by Australian teams, designers or producers. And this collection is growing. We have recently been able to secure a number of copies of the recently Kickstarted (is that the word?) Animal Empire, by Jack Ford Morgan, and Half Monster Gamesa small indie operation based in Brisbane, who do a lot of collaborating with excellent local talent to make fantastic games. We are looking forward to working closer with the team in the near future, and we are in the early stages of planning some events..

As well, we have recently been approached by the wonderful folks at Together Jar, and have started stocking the WeDo Game, an award winning family activity game, which comes with Baby, Toddler and Family editions.

Wedo game

The 2d6 family recently tried out a few of the activities, and had a fantastic time, as we fit nicely into all the demographics :)

The decks of the games themselves have enormous production value, and the activities are simple, well explained and easy to do with normal household items. The games are very sweet, and the kids loved them. And best of all, no screens involved!

Aligned with these new games arriving, 2d6 are looking to further support the Bushfire relief activities currently happening in response to the crisis across Australia. 

Through January, for each game sold from our Australian games collection, we will donate 5% to the Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES), to support the wildlife rescue activities as a result of these devastating fires

This donation will be made once all sales have been processed for the month, so please have a look through the local games on the site, and help out a good cause at the same time.



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