Upcoming events and new product lines!

Upcoming events and new product lines!

Dan Buonora


Things have been pretty exciting at 2d6 Games lately.

On top of all the sourcing and delivering of board games (thanks for the ongoing support!), we are hard at work preparing for the Twilight Imperium Competitive Play on the 22nd March (if you haven’t yet, go check the Facebook event page and book your spot!) and for a game (or three) of Captain Sonar at The Burrow, a super cool partnership with the awesome peeps at Half-Monster Games on the 4th April (again, Facebook events… book your spot, go!).

If you are still reading (or just came back to the page after booking a spot at one of our upcoming events – yay!), there is a third super exciting bit of news I would like to share with you today (drum roll please)…

2d6 Games is now stocking Mantic Games!!!

Kings of War, Hellboy, Star Saga, Deadzone, Warpath, Dreadball, Kings of War – Vanguard (!!!), all within reach at fair prices and the usual free delivery Australia-wide.

I cannot tell you how exciting this is for me!!! I absolutely LOVE Vanguard. It’s the best fantasy game I have played (period). What’s it all about you ask? Well, thanks for getting me started!

As Mantic explains Vanguard recreates cinematic, brutal skirmishes between small warbands of handpicked fighters.

For me, it is just perfect. It allows me to enjoy the miniature hobby, the rules are simple and intuitive, you can personalise your warband, it uses d8’s (how cool is that!), and it’s all about the story! Yes, story! Be it a ‘not so’ friendly one-off game between mates or a critical encounter as part of a larger campaign (yes, you can upgrade your fighters, expand your warband, acquire new and magical items…), every game of Vanguard is centered around a story.  

With free download of basic rules from Mantic’s official webpage, an hour or so to setup, play and pack-up and the same rich universe as Kings of War, you should really give this game a go!

To celebrate the start of this new phase, 2d6 Games will be offering ALL Brisbane based Vanguard players a neat 10% discount on your first order if placed before 30-Jun-2020. Use the discount code BNEVAN10 at checkout.

As always, if you are after something you cannot find on our page, drop us a line and we will get to work to make it happen for you F-A-S-T.

Happy gaming,



Disclaimer: The BNEVAN10 discount is valid for customers located in the 48-hour local delivery area only.

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