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Bankrupt – is a fast-paced competitive game for 2 or more players. Can you avoid picking up Bad Habits that will send you Bankrupt?
Living a lifestyle beyond your means?
Gambling eating into your income?
The Debt pile is stacking up?
Spending out of control?

This game will have you laughing in stitches as you strike and counterstrike your opponents. Be the last one standing!

This is a fast paced card game where people are trying to avoid financial bad habits and not go bankrupt.

The game play is fairly simple. There are as many Bankrupt cards in the deck as there are players. Each player is trying to avoid having to pick up Bad Habit cards from the deck. The more financial Bad Habits you get the more cards you have to draw - with any one of them possibly being a Bankrupt card! If you get a Bankrupt card and don’t have any Insurance that’s it you are out of the game. Last person standing wins!

Just to make it a bit more interesting the player who picks up a Bankrupt card gets to put it back in the deck - wherever they want. Watchout! Players also have the chance to pick up Attack or Defense cards that enable them to strike and counterstrike against the other players, change the order of play, skip a turn or even block another player’s action, take a peek at cards coming up in the deck, steal another player’s card, transfer some Bad Habits to another player... Remember though any Bad Habits that you pick up could send you Bankrupt. If you start to accumulate Bad Habits in your hand the more Bad Habit cards you will have to pick up!

It is a bit different from other card games that you might be used to. The goal is really to not be picking up cards and making your opponents pick up as many cards as possible. Whether you have a lot of cards in your hand doesn't matter BUT the more financial Bad Habits you have the greater the chance you will need to pick up more cards. The more cards you pick up the greater the chance you will go Bankrupt!

The deck is full of twists and turns in the game. Just when you think you have the game won another player can turn the tables on you and send you Bankrupt!

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