Butterfly Effect is the game of Unintended Consequences. A hilarious game where you put your mind to the test. Can you explain what happened? Use your quick wits and a healthy dose of the ridiculous. Fun for friends and family as you compete to see who can master the CHAOS.

How to play:
The Butterfly Effect (also known as Chaos Theory) came from an age old saying - A butterfly flaps its wings in China causing a Tornado in America. This is the idea that a small change can create far reaching ramifications somewhere else.
So how do you play?
It’s very easy to play. Each player gets handed out a series of cards:
A Person
An Action
A Start Location
Players take it in turns with the first player putting down 2 cards:
A Disaster
A Destination
The other players then have to select a Person, Action and Start Location set of cards to create a story of how the Disaster happened at the Destination location.

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