PREPARE TO DEPLOY! Deadzone strips away unnecessary complications leaving you free to enjoy the excitement and tactical depth of futuristic battle. Starter armies of two rival factions are included in this set, kicking-off your collection of Enforcers and Forge Fathers, along with everything else 2 players need to get right into the action. Assemble your finely detailed miniatures and get ready for fast-paced, easy to learn, mission-based skirmishes in a brutal future.


This set contains everything you need to play:

  • Electronic Solution Rulebook and printed Escalation Protocol
  • Game tokens
  • 8-Sided Dice
  • Command Dice
  • Battlezones Scenery
  • Accessories & Connectors
  • Paper Gaming Mat

Enforcer Strike Team in Hard Plastic:

  • 5 x Enforcer models
  • Assault and Rifle options
  • Burst Laser, Incinerator and Sergeant upgrades

5 x Pathfinder models including parts for:

  • Sniper Rifle upgrade and optional accessories
  • O.G. Drone Support Weapon

Forge Father Strike Team in Hard Plastic:

  • 10 x Steel Warrior models including parts for:
  • Stormrage Veterans and Rekkhyrr
  • Hailstorm Autocannon
  • Magma Cannon
  • Dragonbreath Flamer
  • Mjolnir Missile Launcher options
  • Huscarl upgrade


Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.



In this new supplement, players will find rules for adding ruthless mercenaries to their games and an entirely new mercenary-based faction. Rebs get a boost to their cause with new fighters, while the insidious Veermyn gain the support of the technologically advanced Volt Chasers. Plus, all existing faction lists are reprinted with the latest points and errata. What’s more, you’ll also find new multi-mat based scenarios and rules for adding interactive scenery to your battles.

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