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Heist is a very exciting bank robber family and party board game for 2-4 players.

The boss has chosen you to test your team and complete the century's robbery in 5 minutes!

It leads you to a gold safe. Work together as a team, follow the boss's instructions carefully, and if you don't make a mistake, you can get the safe and the $ 50 million. But if the siren rings, you will fail!

Pull off the heist of the century and get rich quick — or lose it all!

In the co-operative electronic game Heist, players take on the roles of different characters — money man, hacker, lookout, or explosives expert — and work together to open an electronic safe and grab $50 million in cold hard cash along the way. The stakes have never been higher!

Choose your character, use and trade tools to complete the task at hand, and listen closely to your team leader for one false move could trip the alarm! Heist includes five progressive levels of difficulty and a bonus top-secret sixth level waits to be unlocked...

Heist needs 3 x AA batteries.

Batteries not included.

  • Plays with 2-4 Players
  • For Ages 7 and above


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