Logic Labyrinth - In order to charm the treasures away from the mighty genie the players have to find the correct path through the mysterious cavern. However, the treasure map has been torn into many pieces. Whoever has a quick eye for combinations and can piece together the map won’t lose his way and will find the most treasure. An intriguing lickety-split, brainteaser game for 2-4 players ages 6-99.

Players take turns rolling the die. If a 3,4, or 5 is rolled, that player draws that many path cards to their hand. If a genie is rolled, the top card of the assignment deck is turned over so everyone can see it. Each player draws the number of cards on the assignment card and adds it to their hand.

When all players are ready, they all turn over their path cards. Players are trying to arrange their path cards so that all paths connect, while trying to make the arrangement of their path cards match the pattern on the assignment card. The first player who does this correctly wins the round and takes a treasure card. The game ends after four rounds, and the player with the most treasure wins.

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