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Silly Shapes is a laugh out loud and strategic card game for the whole family to play. In Silly Shapes, a card game of 104 cards, players will aim to be the first player to have played all the cards in their hand whilst outlast the action cards and mini games which are designed to make you pick up more cards! The game is filled with 5 coloured suites with a combination of 4 shapes and 8 numbers. Each card includes a silly sentence starter and a sentence finisher which when combined with other cards can create some laugh out loud worthy sentences.

The game promotes game mechanics and strategy such as bluffing, risk and reward and chance. The battle cards ignite a rock, paper, scissors challenge between players where the lose will be forced to pick up cards and the 'What are the Odds' card ignites a number guess game where a players poker face and ability to bluff players will avoid losing this mini game and be forced to pick up cards. Silly Shapes include 4 rare Game Over cards that if picked up will end the game for that player, however a just as rare Game Over Diffuser card can be played to save a player from being eliminated.

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