Who Farted? is the ultimate whodunnit game. A great party game to play with your friends (and enemies). It will leave you gagging for more!

The objective of the game is simple. You are all stuck in an elevator. The Farting Thieves are trying to escape. At
least one of them needs to make it to the ground floor alive and conscious.
The rest of the innocent bystanders are trying to make it to the ground without being rendered unconscious by the toxic farts! To do this, they must successfully bind and gag all the thieves.
Each person playing is given a secret role to play - some with special powers but most only with their wits and guile. This is a game of social deduction where you have to work out who people really are! Can you trust them?

This is a Mafia style game of social deduction. There is a narrator who controls the flow and action of the game. Players get the opportunity to interact and accuse each other of being a Farting Thief and vote to bind and gag a player (putting them out of the game). After each voting sequence the lift goes dark and the Farting Thieves get to "fart" and render unconscious another player. This continues until either the Farting Thieves escape or all the Farting Thieves are bound and gagged. Watch out for the Suicidal Pyromaniac!

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